Mary Jane Garbarine

1926 - 2022

Mary Jane Garbarine

Mary Jane Garbarine (Morgan) was born on June 5, 1926 in Spring Lake, New Jersey to Marion and Kays Morgan. She grew up in Interlaken, New Jersey. She attended Marjorie Webster Junior College in Washington, DC for secretarial school and went on to have a successful career as a school secretary for Asbury Park Schools for over 30 years. She officially retired in 1991 but hosted “annual retirement parties” for multiple years prior to her official retirement.

She never met a stranger and was loved by everyone that she encountered. She had a special place for animals in her heart and made sure that every pet that she met was given extra love and treats. Even as her memory began to fade, she was extremely happy and continued to spread joy to others.

She was preceded in death by her husband Robert “Gabby” Garbarine and her daughter Ellen Whitfield. She is survived by her daughter, Susan Garbarine; granddaughter, Kristen Burns and her husband Kevin Burns; great grandchildren Joseph, Katie and Megan Burns and granddaughter Gina Medefindt and her husband, Jack Faught, and grandson, Alex Whitfield.

A service will not be held for Mary Jane immediately as she will go to join her husband, Gabby at Arlington National Cemetery. Due to wait times at Arlington, the service will be held sometime in Summer 2023. The family will hold a small family memorial service prior to this.


2 tributes for Mary Jane Garbarine

  1. Michael Bennett

    MJ, Mary Jane, Mrs. Garbarine. I knew this wonderful woman by many names in my youth. To me she was a second mother, often a first mother. A mother I could come to as a drunk or stoned teenager and not worry about what she would say to me. She would welcome me in, sit me at a table, and have a ciggie with me–she always lit them from the gas stove. Play cards with me and ask me knowingly if I were cheating when I clumsily cheated. She knew how to keep good company–she was the best. Not many people know how to keep good company. It takes a special openness of heart and a reluctance to judge. She could pull it off without a hitch because she always possessed the hope of youth. Possibilities always occurred to her. A woman of wonderful stories, a woman without a mean bone in her soul. A woman of grace, patience, and generosity of spirit.

    I love her very much and will continue to miss her.

  2. Patrick J Sammon, USN RET

    Aunt Mary Jane, I’ll always remember the summer days I spent on Avon By The Sea, and your always smiling face and the rest of the family. You will be missed.
    Goodnight Sweet Princes


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