Mary Grace Wendelin

1950 - 2022

Mary Grace Wendelin went Home on Monday afternoon, June 13, 2022, at the Kate B. Reynolds Hospice Home in Winston-Salem, NC with her daughter and son-in-law, Amber Wendelin Eng and Steve Eng after a fight with Alzheimer’s Disease and a battle with Congestive Heart Failure.

Mary Grace Seger was born on February 23, 1950 in Le Sueur, Minnesota to Vernon and Grace (West) Seger. She grew up in Fairbault, MN, youngest of three sisters, Kathryn and Jeanne. In 1973, she began following Prem Rawat who, for decades, has shared the message of inner peace. Mary became actively involved in practicing this message and surrounded herself with others who shared this connection. She became dedicated to the practice of feeling inner peace and in serving this community. Here she met and married David Wendelin in December of 1973. By 1977, there were three children born, Jesse, Amber and Zachary, followed by Matthew in 1982. Mary was a devoted mother and this was her most precious and sacred role as a human being. She loved her family and many dear ones in her life fiercely. Mary’s bonds with those she loved and those who love her will remain, as her spiritual energy has returned Home, beyond this earthly world, to an existence embracing her spirit in pure Love and Light.

Mary studied the practice of Reiki and trained with Tasse Knapp in 2007 and in 2008 at The International Center for Reiki Training with Senior Reiki Master/Teacher, William Lee Rand in England. She completed her training and became a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher (LRMT). Mary loved the practice of Reiki that brought healing energy and Light to her and to all it touched. The gift of Reiki brought her much joy and she relished sharing it with people and in her continued caregiving of others. Mary believed in Natural Healing and working with the life energy through the use of crystals, essential oils and other modalities, all for the purpose of healing.

Mary Grace leaves a legacy through her devoted daughter Amber Wendelin Eng and son-in-law, Steve Eng. She is survived by her son, Zachary, wife Juliette, and beloved granddaughters, Josephine and Alexandra Wendelin; ex-husband and father of their children, David Wendelin and partner, Mary Jo Finsterwalder, friend of Mary. She is also survived by her nephew Tim Volz and niece Kimberly Busch and grandnieces, Emily and Gracie, and dear ones from far and wide. Mary will be deeply missed, lovingly celebrated and remembered…always.

Mary Grace is preceded in death by her eldest son, Jesse; youngest son, Matthew and family pets, Max and Honey; her parents, Vernon and Grace Seger; and her two beloved sisters, Kathryn and Jeanne.

Mary Grace was 72 years young and touched the lives of many. She touched the lives of so many and will live on in all of us who knew her and loved her.

We request that any gifts offered, be in the form of planting flowers (peonies and gardenias were two favorites), a contribution to our National Parks and all of their wonders or to any organizations that serve the care of animals, to honor her life and her spirit.

A Memorial Service will be held on Saturday, July 23. Guests are asked to arrive at 9:30a with the service beginning at 10a at the Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden at 215 S. Main St., Kernersville, NC 27284.


21 tributes for Mary Grace Wendelin

  1. Kent McKeithan

    Only knew her a short while, in her final year. Even with her Alzheimer’s, she was a sweet lady. She loved going to Reynolda Gardens with Elsa and me and was very helpful in encouraging Elsa to walk.
    Her death leaves a void in my heart. If anyone deserves resting in peace, it is she.

  2. Amber

    Hi Mom…
    First, I have to say how grateful I am that your spirit is soaring freely with Jess and Matt, Kathryn and Jeanne, your parents and everyone out there. You are no longer limited by this earthly and human world – You are in the Great and Wondrous Light where you truly belong. That said, I will miss you so much. I will love you beyond the stars forever and ever and keep you always within me and surrounded by your Light and your Love. As a dear friend of ours has shared with me, a sentiment I echo with all of my heart “You’ve done wonderfully in this life” and now you are Home. It was a life, I know, filled with great love and joys, along with great sorrows and tragedies. It is life on life’s terms and even tho it has been a series of ups and downs…we will always have the Serenity Prayer, which you loved and the wise words from extraordinary literature that brought us both love, light, forgiveness, peace, courage and strength. I have such incredible gratitude for you hanging in there with me through thick and thin, for being MY Mom. Thank you for the beautiful gift you were and are to me. I will love you forever and take you with me wherever I am and wherever I go. I miss you so much.

    Be free and soar like the eagles in Lord of the Rings.
    Love always, with Love, Love, and so much Light, your only “dauda,” Amber

  3. Mary Adler

    I have had the pleasure of getting to know Amber through our caregiver support group. It was there that the opportunity presented itself for me to go visit her mom Mary. She was very sweet and loved Amber and her husband Steve very much, as she mentioned them often. And even with her dementia, she still had a really good sense of humor and quick wit, and I loved nothing more than to see her smile. I was blessed to have known her, and am still blessed to know her daughter Amber. I am keeping the family in my prayers. May God bless and keep you all.

  4. Cynthia Berdeski

    Dear Mary Grace,

    From your photo I can see your beauty and the inner peace that you must possess… I’m so grateful to have met your beautiful daughter…

  5. Fern richards

    I am writing to the family of Mary Wendelin. I wanted you to know how much Mary meant to me in my life. We originally met at work and became friends not long after that. We traveled the state of Florida together and went on many excursions that I will never forget. Mary, was so kind and loving to everyone and always had an outstretched hand to help anyone that needed it. I will never forget our time together. My only regret is that I never got to see her before she passed away. I wish I could’ve hugged her and told her that I loved her one last time. We are all only dancing here for a short while so grab your loved ones and hug them and tell them that you love them. I’m proud to call Mary my friend and comrade in life. I’m so glad our paths crossed and we were able to share a good chunk of time together. My life is better for having known her. Rest in peace sweet Mary. I will never forget you. Your loving friend, Fern.

  6. Lisa Apicella

    I met Mary while working for Dr.Mazer and we became friends. I hadn’t seen Mary in a long time and was so sad to hear of her passing. She was always so kind and had an infectious smile. She touched my life and I will always remember her fondly. Rest In Peace Mary. ❤️

  7. Sandy Dobbratz

    Mary was rooted in compassion, kindness, integrity and the most delightful sense of humor. I have so many warm reflections of being with her and diving deep into conversation about this beautiful existence we share. I could always trust she would be honest with me and this made it safe for me to do so as well. No matter how full her life became she found time to be supportive during challenging times. The twinkle in her eyes, her beautiful smile and ability to brighten the world of those of us fortunate to be in her midst…..was her super power and gift.

    Mary has left a beautiful imprint on our hearts and her influence lives on in us all.

    Reaching out with love and light and a group spirit hug!
    Sandy Dobbratz

  8. Ladell N.

    RIP Mary
    From Ladell a friend of Amber.

  9. Tim Volz

    Mary was my Godmother and spent many of my younger years at my side as I grew up. She was an amazing person who took me under her wing and brought me everywhere. We always had a strong bond and I am eternally grateful I made the trip to see her last fall for three days. She was a strong, vibrant independent lady who was a beacon of light in my life for years. I also went to Florida and spent a week with her in 2019. Amber, you are a wonderful person and did a great job caring for her the last year. Kudos to you and Steve. Love ya.

  10. Audrey Davis

    I did not have the pleasure of meeting Mary but from the words expressed here I know she was and remains a beautiful and eternal light. Amber as you describe your mother I see much of your own character. What a beautiful life.

  11. Barbara Edwards

    Dear Mary Grace, I know you through your loving daughter Amber and her love and care of you during your illness shows what a good mother and friend you were to all who knew you. May you Rest In Peace.

  12. Sharon and Richard Eng

    We didn’t know Mary except through a few visits with our son, Steve, and daughter-in-law Amber. She left a wonderful legacy with her daughter. Our thoughts and love are with Amber and Steve during their time of grief. Mary will always be present in Amber’s beautiful smile and graceful demeanor. We love you both.

  13. Steve Eng

    Mary – I am grateful to have had the opportunity to know you and have you in my life. I am also grateful you spirit is now free to travel the universe with those who have gone before. You have always been a free spirit and you are now free from the chains of this mortal life. I will miss your bright smile, but will carry your memory with me.
    With love and kindness,

  14. Jane Morgan Smith

    I never had the pleasure of meeting Mary personally, but knowing Amber and reading the tributes here has given me a glimpse into the person she was. May those who grieve her loss be comforted as she waits for them beyond the veil. She obviously leaves a very love filled legacy.

  15. Judy Wimmer

    It is a privilege to know you through Amber. You are an amazing woman who passed on many of your wonderous attributes to your loving daughter.

    Judy Wimmer

  16. Susan Groden

    I met Mary in Miami in 1982. Our husbands worked together and we had mutual friends, and began to spend time together, fun evenings out with couples, our sons playing together. We lived a few blocks from each other and would walk between our houses. We were both pregnant, Mary with her fourth child, Matthew, and me with my second child, Ellie. Once they were born our walks between our houses became more frequent, with strollers, and then toddlers playing together. Mary was the most devoted, caring mother, her four kids were so very precious to her, so loved. Mary and her family were some of the original Christmas carolers at our annual parties, with David playing guitar while we sang, Matthew and Ellie went to preschool together, and our older kids were in elementary school together. Eventually we went separate ways, but would stay in touch occasionally. Matthew and Ellie ended up at the same high school in Plantation and remained good friends, I am thankful for the friendship, for all the connections with Mary, David and their kids over the years. Mary’s dedication to experiencing inner peace in her life was an inspiration to those around her, and the kindness and love this brought her in her life she shared with everyone. Our thoughts and love are with Amber, Steve and Mary’s entire family at this time.

  17. Trish Hogan

    I only know Mary through Amber’s love for her. No doubt her loving presence lives on.
    Heartfelt condolences to Amber and Mary’s entire family.
    With love,

  18. Katja von Elbe

    So grateful to have known Mary and called her my friend. As Susan described above, we knew each other as parents – for me starting in the late 70’s when I was overwhelmed with one child and she was so glowing and competent with three! Always showing up with a homemade gift or baked good to share – I still remember baby Amber in her tights and corduroy jumper!
    Mary maintained a beautiful home and was always willing to help others – her energy and thoughtfulness were astounding!
    Even after weathering great tragedies, she remained loving and open with extra to give. Even after years went by where we didn’t see each other, when we did it was a welcome and loving connection.
    I also knew Mary as a fellow follower/student of Prem Rawat and never failed to be inspired by her devotion to peace inside. I am a better person for having known her. Amber, I know she is in you and the love and care you give.

  19. Katie DeGroff

    Mary was a special gift to so many. Her loving, caring and fun nature was an inspiration. She was a great support to me when I had my first child, while she seemed to effortlessly manage two young children and an infant. In more recent years in South Florida, my favorite memories of Mary are strolling with her barefoot in the sand along the beach sharing our experiences of this most amazing existence.

    Amber and Steve have done a beautiful job meeting her needs through these final challenging years.

    I feel blessed to have had her devoted friendship for more than forty years.

    This is a quote from Prem Rawat’s book, ‘Hear Yourself’ where he talks about the loss of a loved one:
    “Your loved one will always be present in you. Their energy is passed on through you. And they are always part of that infinite universal energy that is consciousness. Open your heart and you can sense their presence.”

    In Love & Sympathy, Katie DeGroff

  20. Jonathan Eastman

    Without opening this page & seeing the photo, I always can see Mary’s image, her eyes so focused and full.
    I met Mary and David from the D.C. area, back when they modeled love as a family that welcomed and encouraged me to feel at home. Mary once let me change Amber’s diaper. Decades later having moved to Miami, I came back into the family orbit with Amber’s wedding, spend a lot of time with Mathew, and a good amount with Zachary. I feel like, in a detached way, I am in this family. Like Pluto, not really a planet but in the orbit and catching glimpses of everyone. Mary’s loving shining smile was the Sun, almost too intense to look at, all positivity and certainty. Light and Warmth and Love on an unfiltered direct wave.

  21. David Wendelin

    Dearest Mary,
    We sure went through a lot together… many really good, and deep things…and really hard and challenging times. Somehow through it all, we both were able to hang on to and feel the depth and power that resided in, and still resides, in the gift of each and every breath that has been, and is given…as we were shown by Prem Rawat. It was a wonderful gift for me to be able to spend one last bit of time with you, Amber, and Zachary at the service yesterday. I believe in my heart of hearts, that Jesse and Matthew were there with you as you crossed that river…to the other side. Love Always, David

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