Justin David Rogers

1988 - 2021

Justin David Rogers was born October 14, 1988 in Kinston, NC. As a toddler, he LOVED to eat cereal and would run and jump on your lap and yell, “here comes Happy Boy!”. He was the youngest of four brothers and was frequently on the receiving end of some kind of good-natured, brotherly prank. Growing up, playing baseball was Justin’s passion. In adult life Justin loved music, fishing, playing video games, and just hanging out with friends. The beach and Lower Cascades at Hanging Rock were his favorite places to be. He was a big kid who enjoyed playing with his nieces, nephews, and younger cousins. He is preceded in death by his paternal grandparents John Richard and Patricia Jean Rogers; and also a friend, who was more like a brother, Michael Houston. He is survived by his parents Jeffrey and Connie Rogers, three bothers Jason Carr with wife Shannon and their sons Jared and Aidan Carr; Jesse Carr with wife Kathryn Everhart; John Aaron Rogers with wife Shone and their three children Bella Rogers, Maddison Thomas, and Michael Rogers. He is also survived by many close cousins, aunts, uncles, and extended family in North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Justin had a good heart and was a wonderful person. But he fought many demons and battles in his day to day life. We pray that he is now at peace and is our ” Happy Boy” once again. That is how he will always live on in our hearts and memories. We love you Justin and will miss you every day.
Please support your local mental health, suicide awareness, and addiction/rehabilitation agencies. This is a devastating battle and EVERY life is worth fighting for.


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