John Paige Hunter

1962 - 2023

John Paige Hunter, 60, of Tobaccoville, passed away on April 29th, 2023.
John was born in Forsyth County to parents Hoyle and JoAnn Hunter on July 5, 1962, he worked for Watkins Motor Lines/FedEx Freight for 25 years. He was an amazing father to his children and an extremely generous man who would do all he could to help anyone in need that he met. He enjoyed woodworking and tinkering with electronics in his spare time.

John is preceded in death by his father, Hoyle Hunter and mother, JoAnn Hunter. John is survived by his two loving children, son, Chris Hunter of Riverview, FL, daughter, Kirbi Hunter of Rural Hall, NC and his brother and sister Tim Hunter (Kathy) of Henderson, NC and LeAnn Moore (Gerald) of Tobaccoville, NC.
John will be remembered as a forever generous man and most importantly, a loving father.
A celebration of life will be held at a later date to be determined.


2 tributes for John Paige Hunter

  1. Billy Jack Caudle Jr

    The sad news of our dear friend passing brings memories to mind of someone that was like a brother. Your death has filled our hearts with sadness. We remember the days as we were kids when we would roam the woods. Camping, fishing anywhere we could. Riding motorcycles, building tree houses. Then as we got older taking off after work riding wherever the road took us, doing things we don’t care to speak of. I know as we became adults, we drifted apart but never forgotten. Occasional meeting or brief chat let each other knew we were always family if ever needed. I know your last years were troubled and that I’m so sorry about. May GOD’s rest allow your soul to be in peace. Our brother Tim and I am thankful for the time we got to spend with you before you left this world will forever be treasured. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  2. Tim Caudle

    This is one of the hardest of days. I was broken when Billy called and told me you were in the hospital and not doing well. At the same time we both said what are we waiting for. I picked him up and we went to see you.
    When we arrived, the nurses were kind, but could only tell us it wouldn’t be long. She assured us that you could possibly still hear us, so we sat on either side and held your hand. We cried, we laughed, and we Prayed. We Prayed that you could hear us, we prayed for our salvation. We Prayed that our Lord would allow us to hang out again one day in Heaven. We told you this wasn’t goodbye, but we will see you later. We spoke of childhood memories. Times we spent exploring the woods around our home places. Playing in the creeks, the River. Riding our bikes, going to the store. We were not just neighbors, not just friends, some called us “The 4 Musketeers”; You, Billy, Barry & Me. But make No mistake, we were more than friends, we were brothers. We were Tom Sawyers, Huckleberry Finns. We were Pirates, Cowboys and Indians…. We were more than just friends, We were all real brothers.
    We loved your family and you loved ours. We looked after one another, ate at each others homes, stayed out til supper time. Shared a 3 story tree house, and told stories of dreams to come. We were all great friends, we were all real brothers. As we grew up you and Billy would sometimes let me tag along, promising Mom you would look after me as we drove off in either your mustang or Billy’s. Remember the funny trip on the Parkway I’ll never forget. I wonder if that’s still a crossing for Fox 🦊 where I about pee’d my pants 🤣. Either way it was the best of times. I was proud to be hanging with both my big brothers.
    Then came Billys wedding, you were of course his Best Man. The marriage didn’t last, but the brothers did… 🤣
    Then as we grew older, unfortunately we drifted and became occupied with girls. Not seeing much of each other as much, yet I still thought about you and how you were doing. Heck, last week I looked for you on Facebook and only found a “cat” with the same name in Tobaccoville 😂. I thought that might be your Facebook page, but before I could find out, I got the call from Billy. I figure that was Gods way of letting me know my big brothers health was failing and I needed to come.
    Thank you for always being there, thank you for the laughs, the times we all shared. Thank You for being our Brother.
    I love Ya Buddy & one day we’ll hang out again. Maybe play in a creek, climb a tree, go fishing in the river Jordan… ride our bikes, build a treehouse…
    Or just hangout as The 4 Musketeers, Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn…


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