James Arlyn Drake Lyles

1998 - 2022

James Arlyn Drake Lyles roared into this world on December 17, 1998. He passed peacefully in his sleep on April 3, 2022, at the age of 23. He left behind his father, Jonathan Chadwick Lyles, mother Vanessa Hope Brannon and stepmother Nicole Lyles. Drake was preceded in death by his stepfather Jon Brannon, who passed in 2021.

Drake has 8 brothers and sisters who adore him and miss him greatly: Ryan Knight, Ettie Lyles, Michael Lyles, Saige Hatfield, Julian Hatfield, Jasmine Morales, Francesca Lyles and Sophia Lyles.

Drake had a big heart and loved to eat, laugh, and make other people laugh. He was always ready to lend a hand. He was passionate about video game design, ambient techno music, un-boxing the Hello Fresh delivery, and possessed a wicked snarky sense of humor.

Friends and family are invited to celebrate Drake’s life on Sunday May 1, 2022, at 2pm at Hagan-Stone Park Meeting Center, 5920 Hagan-Stone Park Road in Pleasant Garden, North Carolina.


36 tributes for James Arlyn Drake Lyles

  1. riva white

    Sending heartfelt condolences Nicole and family. My heart breaks for all of you. xo Riva White

  2. Nancy Rojo

    My deepest condolences on your lost. No words can express the feelings you and your family are going through. May God give you the strength to carry on. He is now resting. Love you 🫂

  3. Chirag

    I wanted to say, although I wasn’t very close to anon or talked to him much, simple fact is that Drake was a great guy. One of the funniest member of the community and beneath all the ironic memey stuff, he was a great kind man to talk to. I haven’t met that many people like him that could light up an entire community.

    Rest in power

  4. C4

    Though I never knew Drake that close, from the few moments we hung out he was one of the kindest people I had met. Gave great advice, had many stories, and gave great encouragement. Every encounter I had with him left me with a big smile on my face. I hope he is at peace, he deserves it.

  5. James Fuentes/Jerry

    Drake was a brother to me not in heart, but in soul in compassion. I would not be the man I was without his words, guidance and personal wisdom to walk through some of the most toughest times of my life. He taught me that it’s better to laugh than to cry when you’re feeling down, and showed me what personal ambition could truly do, as well finding the true values in life. Everything that he made was a work of art and him being gone is truly a loss not only to me but to everyone else who was touched by works.
    Rest in Piece the brother I never truly had.

  6. bingy

    Drake was an awesome friend to have and I’m glad I met him. Always uplifting to those who knew him in basically every aspect and never really had a mean thing to say about anybody. He was a funny dude and always had people laughing one way or another. I only wish I had more time to know him.
    Rest in peace to a real one.

  7. Jasper (Dread)

    Drake could always light up any conversation with a charming wit and genial nature. One of the most welcoming and friendly people I have had the pleasure to meet online, he will always stand out as a legend and a friend. Though, like many, are connection was mostly rather brief and simple, there were times when one could glimpse into the wisdom and creativity that encompassed Drake.
    May he be at peace.

  8. Pascal

    James was and is sunshine, burdening himself with the unwanted beyond description, reversing entropy of deformed things.

    Semper fidelis.
    Rest in peace.

  9. Ötoo

    James was like the accumulation of everything good, always cheering people up. He made us laugh, and now he makes us cry. He was really the best of us, a very happy talented person, and I know we’ll all miss him. I hope he’s at peace in heaven.

  10. Mason

    James was a heck’uva guy, there’s many things that’s said that are stuff people will never forget. Not only was he a hilarious guy to be around, he was someone who always felt there when things went down. If nobody else believed in you, he did, he believed in ya more than anyone else would. While we were never the closest, he’s someone whose words nobody could ever forget, and it’s a damn tragedy he’s no longer with us.
    May he rest in peace, he’ll live on forever in the ways he’s changed so many people with lessons they’ll never forget.

  11. Voloshenko Yevhen

    Sending my deepest condolences. Drake was a great man, and even greater friend. May his soul reach the heavens and find the joy and peace he deserved

  12. cooper lambaste

    anon291 will be immortalized via his incredible works

  13. Jimmy Buchholz

    I only knew Drake for a short time but he immediately became my best friend. He was such a genuine non judgemental person who just loved making people laugh. Every conversation was always a remarkably great one that ill never forget and cherish forever. I know im not alone aswell so many people will carry Drake with them because he left a mark on everyone he talked too. I dont think theres a day i wont miss him. I love you buddy rest in peace you deserve it.

  14. Karen Sledge

    Where to even start?! I worked with Drake at Panera. He was such a sweet guy! He always had a big smile on his face & I cannot say I have ever saw him without one He was always quick with a joke or something outlandish to make us laugh. How many times he definitely put a smile on my face even when I didn’t think I could. I miss his laugh, his smile & the jokes that turned even a bad day into a good one! Rest easy my friend you are greatly missed!!!!!

  15. Christopher White/CJ_Sucks_at_Life

    Anon291/Drake was a friend I met around two years ago. He helped me through many hard times such as my first car crash. He showed a ton of music as well now that I listen to every day. All of this alongside just being a cool dude in general. I’ll really miss him and he’s utterly irreplaceable in everywhere he was.

  16. Jasper Smith (Artemis)

    Drake was the bestest of best friends, and I wish I could’ve hang out with him more when I had the chances, It’s hard to believe that he was gone and I’d like to greatly thank him for the fun memories he made. Rest In Peace.

  17. Malachi

    Anon291/Drake and I first bonded when I expressed admiration for his unique art style and media production techniques, which developed into us bonding over a shared interest in obscure media. He had the innate ability to keep conversations going and full of life, and never failed to inspire a good humor in those around him. I had spent many hours talking with him about everything under the sun and I will never forget some of the things he said and art he created and shared. He is and will be dearly missed by everyone who had the pleasure of spending time with him and has had an immense impact on all of our lives.
    Semper games.

  18. Kyelo

    While I had no real connection to Drake, I can confidently say that he impacted me positively. The many humorful interactions and meaningful conversations he had with other people inspired me to better myself as a person, and I’m deeply grateful to have been around his presence. Drake truly was a diamond in the rough and truly irreplaceable.

  19. Aleyx (Jenny)

    I knew of Anon/Drake how many others had, through internet banter; The few times he was personal with me stuck out so much more as a result. I’d never known him as well as most might’ve, but I’m glad to say that I thought of him as a friend long before he passed away.

  20. Scratch n Sniff

    I always knew him as Anon through many of our online interaction. He was one of the realest and funniest people I’ve ever met and probably will meet. I’d known him for many years and I never had a bad interaction with him over the years. I hope he’s resting easy, the legacy he’s left behind is one to be proud of.

  21. Edvinas Kandrotas

    My first impression of Drake was that he radiated with support and genuine interest in the world. Even if we would sometimes not speak for
    a long while, when next I’d hear from him it would be a heart felt message of encouragement. As far as I knew him, this was his way, to suddenly and when most needed shine positivity on those
    he cared for. My last impression of him was exactly the same as the first, his last message being one of hope and enthusiasm.

    He is gold and all he touched will likewise become such.

  22. harry

    Still can’t really find the words, I hope your intrusions of my dreams fill the absence deep down
    May the next time we meet be realer than ever before

  23. Panera Bread

    Drake could always brighten up your day!! He was always the one to give a helping hand, he will be missed around the job. Our deepest condolences to the family!!

  24. Alex Wall

    I met Drake in 6th grade and I’ll never forget him. His sense of humor and great big heart were probably one of the largest influences on my character as him and I grew up through middle school and high school. I’ve never had a friend who shared such a deep connection with me. Drake would always come to hang out and do anything together – camping, shooting guns, making music, talking, playing games, sharing his creations and anything else that gave him a chance to spend time and connect with his friends. All the wacky things we found funny will live in my mind forever and always make me think of him. If there was anything we loved to do together, it was laugh. I only deeply regret that I didn’t stick as close with Drake as I could have these past couple years leading up to his passing. I would give anything just to hang out with him one more time and listen to him tell me about all the music and games he’s created, all the funny stuff he’s experienced, the jokes he has to tell, and anything else. I want to tell him about how everything has been going with me and see him smile about what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown along with him. Even though I am filled with regret because of the distance that was between us these past few years, I know Drake wouldn’t hesitate to start back right where we left off and keep on going. I miss you man, and I’ll never forget you. You will be in my mind for every day of the rest of my life.

  25. Adrian

    James was a great man, he was not like anyone else that I have met in my life. He’s a one of a kind that has been unfortunately taken away from this god given planet. My first time ever knowing who James was in 2018, I heard some stuff about him, and had some brief encounters here and there. I wasn’t a very social person back then, so I didn’t talk to him that often like I did before all of this happened. That change 3 years later when I started to hang out with him more often, he showed me of the music that he listens to. He also expose me to a genre called phonk, which it inspires me to do a remix of one of James songs. I showed a working progress of the song on a few servers that James was in, and he really liked it. Unfortunately he didn’t get to listen to the full song, and I have burden myself in a prison of grief. This tragic event has taught us a lot of things, one of them being that life is very precious, and that we shouldn’t take it for granted. Another thing that we can learn is to opportunities sooner rather than later, I especially had to learn that lesson the very hard way. James will always stay in our heart.

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  32. Vami

    I him as Overwatch. Overwatch Elite, or Overv. And he was the most charismatic, intelligent, and patient person I have ever met. Whenever I spoke to him, I spoke to the infinite. He had an endless calm and wit and seemed at will to perfectly reduce the world to just whomever he was speaking with, whatever room he was in.

    Thank you, Overwatch. Thank you forever.

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