Affordable Cremations of Winston-Salem

The five step process


We strive to make cremation easy.  First a family member or health care power of attorney  needs to give our name (Affordable Cremations of Winston-Salem) to the nurse, hospital, hospice, police officer, next of kin, or other family member. These individuals will call us and if applicable the Dr. associated with the patient to confirm who is signing the death certificate.  Our staff can also figure out the Dr., but it is always easier to have this information confirmed before the individual call us.


We either go and pick the patient/decedent up or call the individual back.  We operate 24 hours a day using an answering service. The answering service typically fields the first call from the responsible party.  Then the answering service would call our staff. Our staff then coordinates the pick and gets information about meeting the family and goes of the charges. Our goal is to be completely transparent from the start about costs!


We meet. We gather information, we assist in you signing all the required authorizations.  We give you time to look through all the optional merchandise. You pay, we do the rest.


The cremation occurs.  The cremation occurs once our staff gets a signed death certificate, the cremation authorization is signed, a positive identification system has occurred, and it has been 24 hours since the passing of the individual.


We call you to pick up the Urn and any keepsakes you may have selected.