Planning a cremation in Winston Salem

What to do when a death occurs

Regardless of when and where a death occurs, the family should call us as soon as possible at 336-831-0058. We can be reached at this number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our caring staff is available at any time to offer support and guidance.

When a death is anticipated...

If the death of a family member is anticipated, it is helpful to begin thinking about the final arrangements. We will meet with you prior to the death and begin the process of gathering needed information, and discussing arrangements. The family can begin making important decisions without feeling rushed. Please review our Vital Information Worksheet, Cremation Authorization Form and our General Price List for additional information.

When a death occurs...

When a death occurs in a hospital or nursing home, please call us and inform the nursing staff giving permission to release your loved one into the care of Affordable Cremations of Winston Salem. The medical staff at the health care facility will take the necessary steps to ensure that all legal requirements are met. While some facilities will call the funeral home on behalf of the family, it is best that the family calls us directly so we will be notified in a timely fashion.

If a sudden death occurs outside of a health care facility, call 911 to dispatch local police to the scene. The police will then determine the appropriate steps to take. Contact Affordable Cremations to make arrangements to pick up the deceased.

Affordable Cremations is pleased to work with out of town family members or next of kin to fax and/or email the necessary paperwork for approval and authorizations for cremation. Our Funeral Director can also help with an obituary. We will help draft the obituary and submit it to the local newspaper.

Choosing cremation

Affordable Cremations offers a variety of cremation options, ranging from simple cremation (no viewing or ceremony) to a viewing or visitation with cremation to follow. Our cremation experts will discuss what options are available and help to make each of our cremation services a personal, lasting tribute to your loved one.